tina neale

Medalta Potteries and Shaw Center for Ceramics

Medalta Residency, Canada

Medalta studios
The Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics, Medicine Hat, Alberta.

This invitational residency brought together the graduating group of 2010 Masters in Ceramics from the Cardiff Metropolitan University. Six of the members of the graduating group were able to make the residency. It began with us all catching up with each other after 2 years working in our home countries.

• Juliana Rempel, Canada
• Patricia Leon Leon, Ecuador
• Nora Almazrooa, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
• Adele Stanley, Ireland
• Jude Ridout, Wales
• Tina Neale, Wales

The Centre in Medalta is a fabulous facility and includes superb historical sites of interest from the ceramic industry in Medicine Hat. These sites became a particular fascination to me in my work and gave me an immediate focus for making on my arrival to the studio. I responded in a direct way looking at objects from the museum and disused factories, the old Hycroft Pottery and the IXL brick works, which was abandoned in 2010 after a devastating flood. I gathered up information in these places and experimented with the visuals gathered and materials they have here. This allowed me to continue with my exploration into experience of place and its effects on my work.

Other to the work we have undertaken here we have had the opportunity to meet and work alongside the resident artist
Les Manning and share presentations of our work with the
yearlong residence of the studio, whom have started recently.
The artists who run the facility have also delivered presentations and all have been a great source of debate and conversation on ceramics and related topics. This has been a very inspirational and rewarding experience hearing others ideas and aspirations and directions.

• Aaron Nelson, Artistic Director
• Jenn Demke-Lange, Studio manager
• Annette ten Cate, from Canada
• Ben Hatfield, Western Montana, America
• Shane McNutt, Canada
• Mary Stankevicius, Canada
• Kat Valenzuela, Canada

To find out more about Medalta and thier residency programme, click the image below.