tina neale

Ecuador 2011 - blog - Week 6

7th April, Thursday

We took a plane to Cuenca to visit the city and Patricia and Teos family. The city is a world heritage site, very beautifull and small enough to walk around easily surrounded by lovely green mountains and volcanos one of which has had a very luxurious spar baths built on the top. Where I took a wonderful spar treatments, relaxing and a fun new experience, cheap too.

I spent hours walking around the town and visiting the numberous markets and cafes and hotels for coffee. We ate fantasitc food and I even tryed the delicacy here of Cuy or Guinea pig. As the saying goes when in Rome.

So the slide show has been split into 3 the textures and artchitecture, the art, and the personal more random images, of Cuenca and my experience of it. Cuenca has 4 rivers very beautifull rivers which were very full after heavy rain in the mountains.

The city was in festival celebrating the towns founding day on the 12th of April and the city had bank holidays on the monday and tuesday.